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tv   Fox 5 Morning News at 425am  FOX  September 10, 2010 4:25am-5:00am EDT

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right off the top, a developing story out in california a passive fire consumes an entire neighborhood. we are talking about dozens of homes incinerated. at least one person is known dead. this disaster apparently sparked by a gas line
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explosion. >> the beds were shaking. it was almost like a earthquake but more power. >> it was a boom, boom, a massive explosion. >> that is happening in san bruno, california, just south of san francisco. that area is under a state of emergency. good morning. i'm gurvir dhindsa. thank you for joining us for fox 5 morning news. we'll have more on that spectacular scene out west but first we want to get a check of our weather with gwen talbert. >> we are getting the reality of being in september versus thursday where we were in the mid-90s which was totally unbelievable. another cool start to the day. yesterday, we didn't do too baddie. we'll show you what we're talking about. what we've got going on right now is just a few clouds across the area. we have the ridge of high pressure some control and that will continue to dominate our weather pattern over the course of the next day or so so we are
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doing pretty good so far as we start to embark into this weekend. here is a look at where we stood yesterday, temperature- wise. a far cry from that 96 degrees that we had on wednesday. we're into the 80s right now and today we are looking at a high that will bring us about 78 degrees. no shortage of sunshine, gurvir. >> thank you. we do want to look at our top stories and more on that massive fire just south of san francisco that is blamed on a possible gas line explosion. a utility company says a high pressure gas line blew just after 6:00 p.m. local time yesterday sparking the fire that has so far killed at least one person, burned more than 50 homes and damaged more than 100 others. at this point, that fire has spread over 10 acres and is 50% contained. in florida, there is some confusion over whether a koran burning will actually happen tomorrow. the pastor said he was backing
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off a plan of a muslim leader promised to move a controversial mosque in new york away from ground zero. but the imam in new york says there is no deal. and this more than, the car an burning could happen after all. just days before the d.c. primary, a new poll out shows convinceent gray leading adrian fenty by 11 points in the race for mayor -- a new poll out shows vincent gray leading adrian fenty by 11 points in the race for mayor. matt ackland has the story. >> reporter: rudolph william says he was approached by what he thought was a fenty campaign worker who offered him a temporary job if he would first vote for fenty. he claim they even offered him a ride so he could register and vote early. >> he said we had to vote because that is the application to get the job. >> reporter: several days later when he thought he was supposed to start his job, he claims
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there was no employment as promised. so he says he called fenty's campaign office. >> when i called, i was just upset that they promised jobs and they did not give us jobs. >> reporter: today, the mayor shied away from the allegations saying so far, there isn't much proof. >> until someone comes up with a name and a specific allegation, let's get back to talking about the issues. no one has given us any name of anybody who did it. we do training of all of our people to let them know can you not exchange anything for votes. >> can you give a description of the van. >> it is a white van that got greenstickers on it that say fenty all over it. >> reporter: pa what about a name of the person working. >> i don't know the name of the person. >> reporter: chairman gray says he is asking for a full investigation into these allegations. >> there are very few things that are more sack row sact than the voting process.
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we want it make sure it is fully preserved here in the city. >> reporter: the board of elections and ethics is taking a close look at this case. >> i can't speak to how we'll handle that. >> reporter: williams says he didn't speak out in hopes of getting someone in trouble. he just was hoping for a job he was promised. >> i just thought that we was misled and we was wronged and that was it. we have much more still ahead on this friday morning. your weather, your traffic and all your top stories as fox 5 morning news begins now. what a beautiful start to your friday, september 10, 2010 as we get a live look at the washington monument and another nippy, nippy morning. thank you for joining us. i'm gurvir dhindsa.
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gwen taal letter is in for -- talbert is in for tucker. >> it is a little cooler and we are in september. we have to take that into consideration and remember we will have cooler days. we have clear conditions out there. no shortage of sunshine yesterday. the winds picked up a little bit yesterday. today, we won't see them quite as bad. we are starting off with pretty automatic, light winds. hard hi any clouds to talk about. just a few scattered clouds across the region. get out an hopefully enjoy it. as we take a look at how clear it is here, we are keeping an eye on a lot of moisture that is the recommend nentsz of hermine and you can see it is gradually starting to move its way closer to the east and we are getting at that getting caught up with a frontal system that. could end up bring us some wet
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weather before wened up into the weekend. -- the remnants of hermine. here is a look at your day planner. by midday, we'll be at about 73 degrees. hour high today, 78 degrees. >> sounds lovely. thank you so much. we want to got a check on traffic on this friday. in with that. >> good morning to you both. right now, traveling in along the top stretch of the beltway as you work your way past central avenue and continue over towards greenbelt. earlier crash that we reported on the beltway has cleared. awful your lanes are open. university boulevard here at dennis, no incidents if you are continuing on the inbound stretch head down towards the capital play. outbound is where earlier we had some police activity and as you can see from the flashing lights and this particular camera angle, part of the roadway still tied up here with this ongoing investigation. lanes are open on 270, germantown to the lane divide.
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# 95 coming across the 14th street bridge, easy ride so far, no incidents reported on 95 leaving dale city to the beltway. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you. we begin with this developing story this morning ain't california neighborhood engulfed in flames. one pen killed. more than 50 homes charred. it all start started with a huge explosion. sherry live has the latest on this from the newsroom. >> reporter: it was a gas line that ruptured and caused this explosion. that blast created a huge crater and this morning, the fire is still burp, only 50% contained. flames engulfed the neighborhood streets in the san francisco suburb of san bruno. hundreds of firefighters continue to battle the blaze through the night. planes and helicopters dropped fire retardant and water overhead to stop the spread of the fire. it is unclear how many people
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may be missing. witnesses say people rushed from their burning homes. at least 0 victims with serious burns arrived at area hospitals, many critical. one person said the explosion shot a ball of fire several thousand feet into the sky. some people describe hearing a loud boom. entire houses shook. they had trouble getting to the ruptured gas line to shut it down because of the flames. the san bruno fire captain also says that the blast took out the entire water system and firefighters had to pump water from two miles away hampering their efforts to put out the fire. this more than, shelters have been set up there for the families whose homes are in this fire area but it is unclear for many of those families whether they will have any homes to go back to. >> thank you, sherry. back here at home, there are new developments to a her risk scene in the district. a driver left the road, hit two women before crashing into a restaurant in northwest
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wednesday night. police now say tamika adams was drunk when she hit those women standing on a traffic island on 18th street. both of the victims suffered serious injuries actually judge ordered adams into high-untense at this supervision in a program. she will have to have a curfew and will not be allowed to drive. vincent gray wants the fbi to investigate claims of voter buying by the fenty campaign. he wants the feds to look into allegations that his opponent offered jobs to people if they voted for them. fenty says the charges are baseless and points out the people making the claims cannot name the person would offered them a job. ate former d.c. special ed student has filed a lawsuit in federal court taking aim at the school system and the teacher who apparently got her pregnant. she is suing michelle rhee and former teacher robert weissmiller. the lawsuit says that two years
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ago, other staff members at the transition academy saw her and wisemiller in the classroom during lunch with the lights off but did nothing about it. paternity tests revealed that he fathered the girl's baby. a health alert at an assisted living center. two residents have been diagnosed with legionnaire's disease at tranquility at fredericktown. most people are infected inhaling water vapor. there is a new twist in the controversial koran burning this morning. the florida preacher would is just postponing tomorrow's koran burning says he may not be canceling it after all. pastor terry jones said he with not go ahead with the book burning after getting assurances that the controversial mosque near ground zero would be moved but the organize ares say they never made a deal to move it
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and jones is now reconsidering the plan to burn the korans tomorrow which is the ninth affect of september 11th. there are major new developments concerning the milliary's don't ask being don't tell policy. detail of a ruling by a federal judge. why authorities believe a woman opened fire on coworkers a short time after being escorted from a plant. stay with us.  what's that?
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mom, the back to school list is here. looks expensive. graphing calculator, flash drive -- that was easy. [ male announcer ] get back to school and back to savings on everything on your list at staples. making headlines this morning, flee people were shot at a kraft food plant in philadelphia. two of those people died and another victim is in critical condition this morning. police say the shooter also female employee who had just been suspended and escorted from the facility yesterday. they say she came back with a handgun and started shooting. the woman was eventually captured and arrested inside the plant. a wildfire in colorado is showing no signs of letting up. more than 170 buildings and 10 square miles of land have been
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burned so far. authorities briefly lifted the evacuation of certain neighborhoods yesterday but only long enough for some residents to go back in and grab some belongings and get out. firefighters have faced an uphill battle trying to get that fire under control even in some of their own neighborhoods. >> they knew from my radio transmissions the fire was hitting their community. they have an assignment protecting homes. that is what they were doing. >> emergency officials say that fire is now 0% contained. a federal judge in southern california has ruled the military's ban on openly gay service members is unconstitutional. the judge says the government's don't ask, don't tell policy doesn't help military readiness and instead has a direct and terrible effect on the armed services. the injunction was sought by the log cabin republicans and came amid promises by president obama that he would work to repeal that policy. the president meantime
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admits the sagging economy could hurt democrats at the polls come november. the president conceded the poor prospects for democrats just as some good news came out on the unemployment front. new statistics show weekly jobless claims fell to the lowest level in two months. it is another sign that mri's are not cutting staff even as economic growth slows. the president is now squaring off with the republicans over the bush tax cuts for the wealthy. the president knows what might happen in the mid-term buzz of all the concern. >> if the election is a reverend up on are people satisfied about the economy as it currently, we are not going to do. we i think effect feels like this economy needs to do better than it's been doing. in other economic news, the white house has the remace plnt for the outgoing head of the president's economic team. economist austin gouldsby is taking over. you can see that press
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conference live beginning this morning at 11:00. the transit system may reverse plans to cut costs to a smart trip card. we'll explain why coming up next. an unusual find for customs agents at dulles. we'll let you know what giant yams they -- items they found in a passenger's luggage. i will have the detail of the forecast for you and break it down on which day of the weekend will be the best day of the two. stay with us. we'll be back right after the break. 
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temperatures very cool. we've had a very beautiful couple of days but no rain. that is causing a few problems. the d.c. area is now under a drought watch. official are calling on everybody to conserve water. they are asking you to limit how much you water the lawn and use a commercial car wash that repsych ms water and reduce showers to under five minutes. >> we do need the rainfall. >> we do. >> we've got a little bit in the forecast which might help. we'll keep our fingers crossed. it is a cool start to the day. let's take a look at where we're headed for today. we'll begin with a look at our weather headlines for you. yesterday was absolutely beautiful. it was a cool start as well and some of you mentioned you might need a coat or sweater if you are headed out. you are absolutely right.
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dim the feel of fall and that is the same story as we move through into this morning. temperatures will drop into the 50s tonight as they did last night. and igor is weakening but it does bear watching. showers late saturday, sunday into the early part of the day. so that look like that will give us a little bit of a break in termed of the dry pat were we've had. we desperately do need this rainfall. here is a look at where we hit temperature-wise yesterday. 81 at national airport. 79 at dulles. 79 at baltimore. and right on the mark at national for our soapal temperatures. this is where we should be. not that 96 degrees that we got spoiled with the other day. we have 62 up in new york city. 61degrees at boston. 64 at national airport. 57 in richmond to the south and 66 in raleigh. here is a look at what is happening. clear skies. we have hardly any clouds. today is mostly sunny.
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you will see the odd cloud kind of skirting through. we have a frontal system head our way. we have plenty of moisture to the south, the remnants of what was hermine right here that was pushing its way right towards the mid-atlantic and that is going to bear watching. so let's talk about igor which is a tropical depression. really no watches or warnings anywhere and we do anticipate though for it to gain a little bit of strength. moving pretty slowly but it could strengthen as we move through into saturday. then it will become a tropical storm. we are going to keep our eyes on the tropics. as far as home is concerned, we've got conditions that are going to change a little bit once we move from saturday into sunday. we can see with this frontal system and the moisture from hermine is moving from the mid- atlantic t will get caught up in the front. start to push in by saturday night. look like it will linger into the first part of sunday so the weekend is not a washout by any means. saturday will look beautiful. you have a great day ahead of you. once again, we are looking at the wet weather lingering into the first part of sunday.
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the rest of sunday, we'll see probably just mainly some cloudy skies. we start out very nice today with just mostly sunny skies, a few clouds saturday. we are starting out just great. saturday night, if you are heading out, take that umbrella lingering too into the early morning of sunday. could linger to about a half day in the early part of the afternoon. monday, we get all kind of sunshine back again and the same for tuesday so not bad at all. we can coop our fingers crossed. julie, i know you are ready no friday. >> you know me too well. on the roads, we started off a little slow because we had construction that was on the beltway over in the tyson's area. that is all in the process of being picked up as we speak. right now, let me show you bemine me, this is university boulevard at dennis as we work our way on to the capital beltway. the right side of road coming inbound towards the capital
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beltway remains open. in you are going outbound, all lanes are open here. authorities tell me that not only are they investigating this crash but there is a problem because we have wires and a pole down across the highway back here and that will take a little while longer before they can clean everything up and reopen the highway. if you are traveling inbound along university boulevard headed for the beltway, only one lane to the right is going to squeeze you through. colesville road is a good option for you. no problems to report there. it is nice and quiet right now leaving stewart lane out towards four corners. you will find lanes open on the top stretch of the beltway between college park and bethesda. here we are live out of 66, no accidents to report. volume is still working for you in your favor as you guys continue inbound towards fair oaks. i mentioned the overnight roadwork set up near 123. that is in the process of being cleared. overnight construction down in falmouth, none of that left over. 395 still at speed beltway off to the 14th street bridge. that's a check of your fox 5
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on-time traffic. >> thank you. metro says expect major service disruptions during the columbus day weekend because of maintenance work. there will be free shuttle buses though. the farragut west and mcpherson square metrorail stayings will be closed. there will be no blue and orange line services. we've posted all the information on just look under web links. metro is pulling a 180. a few weeks ago the price of its smart trip cards was supposed to go down from $5 to $2.50. that is not going to be happening because metro figured out that passengers could cheat john henrehan explains. >> reporter: every month that goes by bi, mow and more people would ride metrorail and metrobus are using the transit system's smart trip cards to pay for their rides. about 75% of rail riders now use smart trip cards and about 60% of bus riders use them. every single time customers use a smart trip card, they got i
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small discount on their trip and they get bigger did i counts if they use smart trip to trance ferreira from bus to rail or transfer bus to bus. metro's board decided to give passengers a break by cutting the cost of the computer chip smart trip cards from $5 to $2.50. the way the computerized fare gate system is currently set up, people can enter or exit the system with a zero balance on their smart trip card. the theory is the customer will put more money on his or her card and the passenger will do that. they could throw away the cheap heart trip card and be ahead of the game. metro officials estimate that could cost the transit system a million dollars a some in lost revenue. for the time being, the smart trip card price remains at $5
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while seven different proposed solutions to the problem are contemplated. one of those would leave the price of smart trip cards at $5. >> i mean $5 is not bad. that is just my opinion so, you know. >> did you spend the money for one? >> yes, you did. didn't bother me a bit. >> yeah, $2.50 probably ought to do it. that way, tourists would do it too and they wouldn't be clogging the gates. >> reporter: metro will resume the discussions on how it price the smart trip card at a committee meeting next thursday. on the red line, john henrehan, fox 5 news. meantime, $1.76 million is what metro says it needs and that it is getting from fema to cover snow removal costs from february's back-to-back blizzards. metro says the storms in february and december cost the agency $12.7 million for snow removal and lost revenue. fema has already given metro $1 million for the december snowstorm. there is a battle brewing in man as is over a new adult
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shop going in right in the downtown strip. the mother-dot he owner say they don't expect anything more racy than the in-home adult novelty parties. they say that is where the inspiration to open the shop came from. people in manassas don't think the shop is appropriate. >> manassas is kind of a family place. it is not really somewhere you would go to get your adult dvds and things like that. >> if there was more places like this, keep your marriage exciting. we feel like women are doing that at the parties. these parties are huge. >> the own ares say nobody under the age of 18 will be allowed to enter that shop. they plan to open the store come october. somebody tried to sneak t s beth parker has more. >> reporter: how would you like to sit next to these guys on an incident flat night, they are giant african smiles.
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fourteen of them showed up on an x-ray at cuss testimonies at dulles international airport over labor day weekend. at first the female passenger traveling from ghana said she had nothing to declare. >> we gave them an opportunity to change that declaration verbally and they declared yes. >> kevin holmes says she see nails from time to time. >> a lot of times, they've been cooked or boiled and they are usually out of the shell. this time, they were in the shells. >> reporter: customs wants to keep these shells out of the yait because they are known to cause economic damage. they destroy crops. in fact, they eat more than 500 different types of plants. >> they to feed on pear, papaya, cabbage, lettuce and oranges. >> reporter: holmes says the
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snails were destroyed. on a busy day 10,000 people pass through customs at dulles. holmes says they routinely seize food and plants. >> we take it very seriously. >> he thinks people may not realize what they pack in their suitcase could pose a danger to others. >> you can be cited for failure to declare prohibited items. fine is $300 if you pay it at the airport t can be as high as $1 how if you go it court. a trip to the vet turned into a surprising find for one little puppy. still ahead, what the pomp swallowed that sparked an illness. up next, the defending nfl champs kick often the new nfl season. fireworks early but could the saints hold on to win? we'll have highlights coming up.
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all that noise is in
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support of the wasington redskins. is that in support of redskins or against the cowboys. it is part of redskins kick offweek to celebrate the start of regular season football. the skins facing dallas at next field sunday evening. the nfl season got under way with a powerhouse match-up last night. bret favre and the vikings in the big easy against the super bowl champ saints. new orleans marched down the field on the very first possession for a touchdown. minneapolis would come back to take the lead at half, 9-7 with a touchdown pass from favre but the saints would not be denied. they came back to win this one 14-9. celebrities from all walks of life are going to get together to take a dramatic stand against cancer. as fox's anita vogel reports, all the television networks including fox are lending their support. >> this is where the end of cancer begins. >> reporter: stand up to cancer will once again raise awareness and millions using some of hollywood appear biggest names to help get the message out. >> we stand up for everyone.
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>> we're super excited to be here at sony. the first year, we had the big collaboration. this year, fox came in, hbo, showtime, discovery, mtv and many, many web sites streaming the show so we're doing something different. >> reporter: in the previous two broadcasts, the stars helped raise nearly $200 million for cancer research and this year, some fox talent will be participating. >> working the telephones, you know, creating an awareness. that is pretty much what it is all about. it is a crippling disease. so many people in the world die from cancer every year. >> reporter: with an array of film, tv and music stars answering phones, getting people to give especially in tough economic times will be key. >> we hope reraise a lot of money. we know people are st
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